Our Customer is a world leader in the production of injectable medicines and clinical nutrition, for both hospital and home therapies, surgical medical principals and transfusion products, with a focus on critical or affected patients chronic diseases. The factory in which we operated is the customer’s factory where blood filters and conventional transfusion systems are produced.

Location: Mirandola (MO) – Italy
Client: Leading manufacturer of medical devices
Design: 2020
Completion: 2021
Designer: Palladio Consulting Srl
General contractor: Palladio Consulting Srl
Gross project site area: 150 m2
Project cost: confidential

Project description

Palladio Consulting has designed and built the brand new ISO7 calendering area close to the existing production using the “turnkey” formula, including assistance and supervision for the installation of the new process lines.
In addition to civil, architectural and plant engineering works, the supply concerned above all the installation and qualification of a new HVAC system for the control of particle contamination due to airborne macroparticles intrinsic to the production process and the compensation of heat loads dissipated by the equipment, and the balancing of the relative humidity necessary for the continuous production of the product. The construction was completed two weeks in advance of the work schedule to the great satisfaction of the customer.