Our Customer is a company that was founded in 1997 in San Pietro Viminario (PD), the company deals with the production on behalf of third parties of products such as cosmetics and dermatology, aerosols and medical devices. Over the course of a few years, thanks to its Mission: “constant search for excellence” can now boast a wide range of national and international customers increasingly qualified. The main goal is to develop products at high quality standards according to current regulations, and, thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, guarantees innovative services and high-level production processes.

Location: San Pietro Viminario (PD) – Italy
Client: a manufacturer for third parties of cosmetics, aerosols and medical devices
Design: 2019
Completion: 2019
Designer: Palladio Consulting Srl
General contractor: confidential
Gross project site area: 100 m2
Project cost: confidential

Work carried out

The provision of Palladio Consulting Srl involved preliminary consulting, design and management of work on the construction of an ISO7-class cleanroom used to produce medical devices in spray cylinders. The design involved in particular the care of the aspects related to the transfer of primary packaging from the cleanroom to the gas-house for filling in asepsis under ISO5 grade laminar flow and into the explosive atmosphere, and the back-flow of the product filled up to the secondary packaging room.