Revamping of the metal laboratory and clean room

Completed the revamping of our Metal Lab, in which a clean area has been created for metal trace detection The clean room has been designed in compliance with ISO 8 standards aiming to reduce interferences from external environment and from contaminated materials.

Architectural, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic infrastructure , such as HVAC System, Ceiling according to Pharmaceutical standards, walls and floors completely covered by PVC, interlocked door control system and ventilated lockers have been implemented to guarantee the fulfilment of these very demanding standards.

This restructuring enables us to continue fulfilling more demanding customer needs avoiding cross contaminations and  guaranteeing the lowest limit of quantification, and satisfy new customers focus’ on hot topics such as elementary impurities (e.g. food and cosmetics), and explore new business areas such as semiconductors.

Please watch the video and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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