Personalized gift in collaboration with Fratelli Brunello Distillery

Palladio Consulting Srl is an international engineering company based in Vicenza but still linked to its origins.
Values such as respect and knowledge of territory and environment that surround it are the basis of the Company Vision.
Palladio Consulting Srl needs to communicate to the world these values and the love for its own origins.
It is from these assumptions that a collaboration with the Fratelli Brunello distillery is born; founded in the 1840 it is the oldest in Italy.
During a visit to the distillery, the Technical Director and engineer Andrea Angelo Mussolin remains impressed by the distillation plant; it is an old discontinuous boiler plant that over the time has been perfected for low pression and low temperature distillation.
Fascinated by its operation, he found a meeting point with his activity as an engineer, so he decides to rely on the mastery of the Brunello brothers, and he chooses their Grappa, undoubtedly the symbol and the typical product of Vicenza, in order to create a personalized gift for its most loyal customers.
The grappa variety is carefully selected, and “Grappa Oro 1840” was chosen, a product that has made the history of the distillery.
The concept of respect is, together with the dedication to work, what animates the Brunello Distillery. It means memory for its origins and love for its territory, of which the distillery makes itself interpreter to pass on a precious and ancient art such as distillation. It also means attention to the environment and nature, grasping the importance of every single biodiversity.
It is precisely these concepts, fully shared also by Palladio Consulting Srl, that make this collaboration important and meaningful.


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