Highlights course FIP Padova 16-17 May 2019

On Thursday 16th and Friday 17th May 2019 was held in Padua at the FIP, The Engineers Foundation of Padova, the second course on Life Science for engineers.
We would like to thank for the success of the event engineer Alessandro Bove, Director of the FIP Engineers Foundation of Padova, engineer Giuliano Marella, President of the FIP Engineers Foundation of Padova, engineer Pasqualino Boschetto, President of the FOIV, Federation of Engineers of Veneto, Speakers Dr. Claudio Manzati QP Neotron Spa, Dr. Ivo Panzeri QP Milanese Pharmacological Laboratory, engineer Stefano Montanini Classified Plant Director FIS, Mr. Tomaso Nigris, Managing Director Nicomac Europe Srl, Dr. Stefano of Cola Sales Manager Carpet Srl, engineer Luca Songia Project Manager Life Science Eurotherm Srl By Schneider Electric, Dr. Mara Bisello Sales Manager Project Air, Dr. Franco Del Bianco QMS Lead Auditor.

The course is the only CNI accredited course on Life Science in Veneto with recognition to 16 CFP enrollees.


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