about us

Commitment and passion

Palladio Consulting srl is an engineering, consulting and training firm in the Life Sciences sector specializing in the design of commercial and industrial construction projects, mainly cleanrooms, contamination control systems and controlled atmosphere rooms and systems for pharmaceutical, chemical, biomedical, food, cosmetic and other such industries.

Palladio Consulting srl was established in 2018 to realize the ambition of creating a team of dynamic and competent professionals to meet the growing needs of the Life Sciences sector. Our flexible structure gives us a competitive edge and a wide reach, with partners located nationwide across Italy.

Our mission is to make the Client’s requirements our own, offering innovative, sustainable solutions in order to achieve the best outcome in terms of quality while meeting deadlines. We set ourselves ambitious goals and have the drive and passion to achieve them in the most effective way possible. Excellence is our guide and determination our strength.

We believe in training and in scientific dissemination among professionals in pharmaceutical engineering disciplines and in the Life Sciences field. We support collaboration and networking between businesses and designers aimed at improving production processes as part of a wider continuous improvement drive.



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