Advanced Clean Rooms Course, FIP Padua 21-22 May 2020

The FIP (Fondazione Ingegneri di Padova) will hold the Advanced Course on Clean Rooms and Controlled Contamination Environments in Padua on May 21-22, 2020

On Thursday 21 and Friday 22 May 2020, the third course on Clean Rooms and Controlled Contamination Environments will be held in Padua at the FIP, Fondazione Ingegneri Padova.

The course is an Advanced Course and is intended for those who have already followed the Basic Course or who already have the basic notions of clean rooms and controlled contamination environments for production in asepsis, in a sterile environment or in a controlled atmosphere.

This year the topics covered will be the novelties of the new GMP Annex 1 for sterile productions, the CCS Contamination Control Strategy, the Risk Analysis applied to Qualifications and Validations, recurrent deviations in tailings and energy efficiency in Cleanroom in light of the new ISO 14644-16: 2019.

Special thanks go to the organizers of the course, Dr. Ing. Alessandro Bove Director of FIP (Fondazione Ingegneri di Padova), Dr. Ing. Andrea Angelo Mussolin Scientific Director of the Clean Rooms Course and President of Palladio Consulting Srl, and to the lecturers for FIP Life Science courses Dr. Claudio Ernesto M. Manzati CEO Lean Institute Italia Sas Qualified Person Neotron Spa, Dr. Franco Del Bianco QMS Lead Auditor, Dr. Gilberto Dalmaso President of GDM Pharma Consulting Technical Teacher PDA ISPE Speaker, Dr. Marco Welcome Corporate Operations Director Fidia Farmaceutici Spa, Dr. Adele Romani Inspection and Authorization Office for GMP Medicines AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency), Dr. Eng. Raffaele Pieri Life Science Segment Manager Camfil Italy, Dr. Eng. Luca Songia Project Manager Life Science Eurotherm Srl by Schneider Electric, Mr. Tomaso Nigris Managing Director Nicomac Europe Srl.

The course is accredited by the CNI (National Engineers Committee) and entitles engineers to 10 CFP (Professional Training Credits) after passing the final assessment test.

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